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Korbex Exchange

Korbex is digital asset exchange platform providing maximum security and advanced trading features. Korbex continues to meet and exceed industry standards by a team of talented professionals.

Korbex offers intuitive interface design which enables everyone to start trading without any hassle. Real-time orderbooks, charting tools, trading history, and intuitive order process deliver unique trading experiences.

Safe and Secure

Korbex employs the most reliable technology regarding security and systems are constantly upgraded and monitored to ensure maximum security.

Fast and Reliable

Blazing fast and stable platform for real-time trading. Trade instantly at Korbex.

Low Fees

Industry competitive rate of 0.1% per trading volume and a fixed monthly trading fee option(Korbex Prime).

Advanced Trading Features

High performance trading engine integrated with TradingView. A variety of technical indicators and advanced charts can be used in making informed decisions.

Easy to Start

All you need is an email address to start. You can go through additional verification steps to trade fiat currencies as needed.

Customer Service

Korbex always put you first. Our customer service specialists are working round the clock to answer any questions or concerns you might have.

KBX Token

Intermediary used throughout Korbex Exchange.

All tradable digital assets in Korbex Exchange will be paired with KBX and KBX can be used to pay fees on a discounted rates, subscribe to Korbex AI Trader, and more. Also, Korbex Exchange will use 10% of its earning each month to buy back and burn KBX until only 50% of the total issue of KBX remains.


Sep 2018

Private Sale Start

Korbex Exchange Preview Open

Dec 2018

Korbex Exchange Open


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If you don’t see your questions answered in our FAQ, please write us an email and we’ll get back to you.

What is an ICO?

An initial coin offering (ICO) is a form of crowd-sourced fundraising that uses cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

How can I contribute to Korbex ICO? What cryptocurrencies are accepted?

You can participate in the Korbex ICO with ETH payment only.

How will I receive the KBX Token after I send my contribution?

TBD ERC20 based KBX token will be issued to the ETH wallet you used once the ICO finishes. Make sure you use an address with your own private key. Do not use a wallet address from other exchanges.

Where are you based and what is your legal structure?

Korbex is a digital assets exchange service owned and operated by Korbex Limited based in Hong Kong. Please visit korbex.co to find out more and start to trade cryptocurrencies and assets.

What exchanges will Korbex Token be listed on?

KBX will be listed and be traded on Korbex exchange once the ICO finishes.

Are citizens of certain countries excluded from participating in Korbex ICO?

Citizens and residents of United States, Mainland China, or Singapore are not eligible to participate in the ICO until further notice.

Is there a maximum investment stake?

There is currently no maximum investment stake. However, if you wish to contribute in significant volume, please contact the Korbex team before the ICO opens since we have limited portion of Korbex Token available for private investors.

What will happen to unsold tokens?

Unsold tokens will be reserved by Korbex Limited after the ICO.